I’m terrible at hellos

April 8th, 2012 by jkastronis

Welcome to the grand opening of Golden Daydreams! “What is Golden Daydreams?” you’re probably asking (assuming you did not read the front page first). It is what I hope you will agree is a collection of some of the best fiction on the web, all written by me, John Kastronis. Who am I? Well, you can check that out on my About page. But in short, I’m someone who has been writing for fun for quite a while. I’ve had a few short stories published in some niche magazines, and enough people have told me that my writing is good that I want to share it with a wider audience.


Right now, I am aiming at adding a new short story to the site every week. There is already a fairly extensive collection of my writing available currently, though the majority of it is essentially fanfic written for the various MMOs I’ve played over the years.


However, I have also added the first of my weekly stories to the site. It is titled True Love and is about a young man who is heading to the most important meeting of his life… receiving his true love from the government.


Expect future stories to be in a similar vein as that one. Stories that are not quite ordinary and take a slanted look at things both mundane and fantastical. I hope you enjoy it and all the future fiction I’ll be placing up here!


Additionally, this blog will serve as a place for me to post about any other sort of thing. I’m aiming at using it to ruminate on the craft of writing, review books, movies, and TV shows I’ve watched, and perhaps talk about a few other things I find interesting.


Feel free to leave comments in reply to this post and any future posts. If you enjoy what you’ve read, spread the word to your friends!

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