New Story: Avenger

September 23rd, 2012 by jkastronis

Avenger is the story of Dun, a young goblin who has decided to become a “muda”, a type of warrior in the world of Tyrus which is common among the goblin peoples. The greatest of the muda are known as asag muda, who all wear hand-carved masks at all times. Dun struggles to understand the ways of his asag muda master and must decide what is more important to him: honor or power.

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New Story: How America Became Safe for Monsters, Faries, Ghouls, and Everything Else

September 17th, 2012 by jkastronis

This story has been sitting in my pile for a while. In How America Became Safe…, we hear the story of three men who commit a terrible crime and see how the unusual tactic they try to beat the wrap. Of course, the verdict winds up having greater consequences than you might imagine.

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New Story: Cacame Versus the Gods

September 9th, 2012 by jkastronis

It’s been a while since I’ve written a Cacame story. In Cacame Versus the Gods, the elf king of dwarves is faced with a choice, as the two gods of Tyrus offer him a chance to herald their arrival to the world.

As a bit of background, Cacame Awemedinade began as a randomly generated character in the awesome game Dwarf Fortress. In the procedurally generated history of the world I was playing in, Cacame was born to an elf village, which was captured by the dwarves when he was young. Cacame grew to become a guard for the town and married an elf woman named Nemo. Then the elves who originally owned the town attacked the village again, killed Nemo, and ate her corpse (in Dwarf Fortress, elves devour the corpses of anything they kill, including people). A few years later, Cacame rose to the position of king of the dwarves when the old king was killed in battle against the elves.

The game history is, as mentioned before, completely procedurally generated. It takes random seeds and makes stuff completely based on a number of variables. In this world, it happened to coincidentally create a tragic story of a man whose wife was killed by her own kin, driving the man to rise to the ultimate position of power and seek vengeance. Of course, the game did not give him those motivations. That was a bit of extrapolation on my part and the part of the other Dwarf Fortress players who heard about it. Following several exploits of Cacame in my game (such as killing a dragon despite Cacame being unarmored and causing an entire invading army to flee all by himself), he became something of a memetic badass in the eyes of the DF community.

I wrote a few stories, mostly goofy, about how big of a badass he was. Eventually, I decided to take him a bit more seriously and migrate him from the somewhat generic fantasy world of Dwarf Fortess to my own personal fantasy world of Tyrus. Obviously, that required a bit of retconning on my part… But this here is part of the bridge between those old stories and the new ones I will eventually write about him.

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New Story: The Harvest

September 2nd, 2012 by jkastronis

A quick bit of flash fiction today. In the Harvest, we see a doctor as he prepares to perform a life-saving organ transplant. Of course, in the future, things are handled a bit differently than they are today.

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