New Story: Partners… Plus, 6 months of stories!

October 8th, 2012 by jkastronis

Hey everyone. First thing’s first… There’s a new story! It is titled Partners and reunites us with the bounty hunter Tris, whom we first encountered in The Beat Made Bad. This time, Tris and a partner get in a bit over their head and wind up trapped in an old dwarf fortress with an angry army waiting for them to come out. How will Tris get out of this situation? Well, you’ll just have to read and find out.

Second, holy crap! Today is the 6th month to the day since I started this website and put my first story (True Love) up. That’s 27 stories posted and I don’t even know how many words in total. I’m sure it’s enough to fill a whole book by now. it’s been quite an experience, putting up some story or another every week for six months. Here’s to another six. And hopefully a few more readers or at least some readers who feel like posting comments to these posts to let me know they’re here (all I get now is spam. Damn spam!)

I’ve also hopefully got something exciting planned for the near future. I can’t wait for it! See you next time.

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